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Battleship Online War Game

Juegos de mesa
Desarrollador WEBRONIC
1 usd

Play online against worldwide players or install on two devices and play against friends and family.COMING SOON: Auto match feature, play against AI while you wait for an available online opponent.
Place your battleships anywhere on the play matrix and then try and guess where your opponent has placed theirs by firing missiles at different positions.
Connect to the online server (no signup required) to play opponents from around the world. Chat in realtime using the popup holographic keyboard and LED matrix display.
You can also play against your android device.
Play in single or multiple missile mode. In multiple mode you can fire one missile for every battleship that you have afloat.
The game features standard "Hasbro" rules, whereby you can position your battleships right next to eachother, this makes the strategy a little deeper.
This Battleships Online War game is super intuituve and fun to play, buy it today, you won't be dissapointed!